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2 Chainz on Atlanta rap: “People are afraid to drop the torch.”

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

2 Chainz said he almost missed his cue to walk onto the stage at Masquerade Sunday night because a woman backstage was trying to find an ashtray for him. Eventually, the rapper, who launched his own cannabis line a few months ago, made his way to on of the black leather chairs on the stage without one, joking “the Earth is the ashtray.”

Despite the bevy of young Atlanta rappers who have come up behind him, 2 Chainz remains one of the city’s most endeared hip-hop exports and one of few who can both rap about selling drugs to his mom and have his own Super Bowl commercial. How does the College Park native remain relatable when he travels the world in search of obnoxiously expensive items (including a $100,000 martini) as the host of Viceland’s Most Expensivest? Sunday evening’s chat with hip-hop journalist Elliott Wilson, who currently works as an editorial director for streaming platform Tidal, provided insight into how 2 Chainz retains his authenticity and mainstream success.

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