Our Mission

Our mission is to entertain, provide exposure, and build community by curating soul-enriching experiences.

We create spaces for historically disenfranchised communities to dream together, create together, and inspire together. As an organization, we specialize in songwriting workshops, open mic nights,  and community pop-up events.

Songwriting Workshops

Collaboratively write songs by meeting up with peers and professional musicians that are all here to help you. We host songwriting workshops for both kids and adults to take your genuine views and experiences and help flex your creativity muscles to make it a song.


If you're an organization that wants to host a songwriting workshop with us, please contact us.

Open Mic Nights 

At open mic nights, you can try your songs among friends. The only more supportive group you'll find to listen to your music are your pets. We encourage collaborative performances and polite feedback at these open mics, because nothing great is created in a vacuum. More opportunities typically come from showing your stuff and hanging out after.

If you're a venue that wants to host an open mic night with us, please contact us

If you're a musician, artist, comedian, or dancer, that wants to perform or host an open mic night, please contact us.

Community Pop-Up Events

Whether you're a musician, visual artist, or small business owner, being able to connect your brand to your targeted audience is essential. We host community pop-up events where you can showcase your talents and/or services for potential customers all while being able to network with amazingly dope creators in your city.   

If you're a venue that wants to host a community pop-up event with us, please contact us.

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