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Meet WCW, The Women's Collective Crushing Denver's Hip-Hop Scene

R&B singer/songwriter Denae Simone had a vision. She wanted to organize a show that celebrated the women musicians who inspired her in the city  — an all-female showcase — women supporting women in the urban music community. She called the event and the soon to be collective, WCW after the popular Instagram tag — pulling women together rather than pitting them against each other in the name of music. Now, on the fifth edition of their WCW showcase, this year’s, titled WCW 5280 Presents: Manifest set for Summit Music Hall on April 17, boasts a powerhouse of a lineup featuring some of Denver’s best and brightest females across R&B and hip-hop — Jay Triiiple, Annabelle, DJ Cyn, Kayla Rae, Rachel Bailey, Shaelyn, Zanib and Simone herself. For Simone and the other ladies of the collective, WCW is far more than a showcase of their talents,

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